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Product Spotlight: Why Choose Spring Engineers of Houston


Spring Engineers of Houston offers a wide variety of custom springs and metal product manufacturing services.  We also offer spring design assistance, from Prototype and Small Custom Runs to Large Volume Production. Our size, experience, and financial strength allow a serious commitment of resources to any project needing Custom Springs, Metal Stampings, or Wire Forms.

We’re dedicated to providing the best quality and expert services from the beginning of the design process through to the end of production and packaging. We are proudly certified to the latest ISO standards and offer quality control analysis and testing services. Spring Houston also offers a variety of certificates of compliance available upon request.

Our high standards of quality control and customer satisfaction allow us to provide a comprehensive full-service experience for our customers. Spring Houston’s experience and history of innovation guarantee the serious and professional commitment to all our customers.  Contact us today for help with your spring design or download our eBook to get started!