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Product Spotlight: How to Design a Spring

Determining Your Spring Design

There are different types of springs for different industries and designing can be challenging at times due to conflicts in priorities. Before designing a spring, there are several things to consider in order for a spring design to be successful. The first being the type of spring and force. Understanding different types of springs and the force they produce will help in selecting a spring for a specific application. Some of the most common types of springs:  


Elements To Consider When Designing A Spring

Knowing the maximum desired deflection will help narrow down your choice since the desired deflection will determine the spring design and spring rate. Thirdly, take into account the dimensional changes of each type of spring if not, the spring will perform badly while in use. To prevent any future failures, you must also consider extreme working temperatures and corrosion. Choosing the material for your spring will be dependent on these factors. Sometimes performance requirements will play a part in the spring design process such as resistance to breakage, loading at high speeds, and load loss or set.

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