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Product Spotlight: 1095 Spring Steel

What is 1095 Spring Steel

AISI 1095 Spring Steel has a higher carbon content than standard steel, which helps to improve wear resistance. The material yields high strength and hardness making it ideal for high stress flat springs and hot coiled rings. 

Spring Engineers of Houston is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of custom springs and metal products. We manufacture AISI 1095 springs using high-quality steel. The springs are cold rolled and available in annealed or tempered conditions. For engineering data, visit our 1095 Spring Steel material page.


1095 Spring Steel Applications

AISI 1095 Coil Springs: 

Coil springs, including compression coil springs, extension coil springs and torsion coil springs are commonly made out of 1095 spring steel due to the durability the material provides. Since coil springs are formed and not machined, material diameter, spring diameter and spring length are all subject to change and need to be toleranced to best fit for your operating requirements. Learn more about the design specifications and tolerances on our Custom Coil Springs page.

AISI 1095 Stampings: 

Spring Houston can provide design assistance, solid models, and input on part function and feasibility of custom metal stampings. Examples of parts that we regularly produce include:

  • Washers – Wave and Belleville

  • Electric contacts

  • Sleeves

  • Leaf springs

  • Retaining clips

  • Gate guides

AISI 1095 Flat springs and Bow springs

Typically manufactured from flat bar or strip, bow springs are formed with an arc at or near the center where the force is applied, to support both ends. Our Bow Springs page offers a variety of detailed spring designs to view and download.

From prototype and small custom runs to large volume production, Spring Engineers has the resources to meet your custom springs, metal stampings or wire form needs, delivered with fast delivery and fine service. We also offer spring design assistance. We highly recommend downloading our How to Design a Spring eBook which offers the 6 key considerations for successful spring design.

For questions about our 1095 spring steel material or for assistance in your spring design, contact Spring Houston today!