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How to Design Springs - A Brief But Important Overview


Spring Design is challenging, because of the many conflicting priorities in a given spring design. Spring Engineers of Houston is highly experienced in the design of many different springs, for many different industries. Our expertise allows us to assist customers, in creating cost effective solutions.

There are many different resources and software packages available to help design springs. If the designer does not have the basic requirements identified, then the odds of success are much worse, and unexpected problems can arise later. We suggest the following work flow in designing springs. By addressing these six key questions, the great majority of spring designs can be quickly and successfully executed.

1.What type/amount of force is required?

a.Compression, extension, torsion, bow, or other spring?

b.Magnitude of force?

2.How much deflection at those forces?

3.What dimensions (working envelope)  are required?

4.Working environment (temperature extremes, corrosion concerns)

5.Special Performance Requirements (for example, fatigue life, or dynamic loading)

6.Commercial Issues (if known and not confidential)

a.Expected Quantities and Delivery Schedule


c.Priorities – Max performance? Most cost effective? Fastest Delivery?

By following the steps noted above, the design calculations can be performed quickly and accurately, and good results can be quickly attained in most cases. Spring Engineers is happy to provide free design assistance for our customers.