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Product Spotlight: Elgiloy

What is Elgiloy

Elgiloy is an alloy consisting of cobalt, chromium, and nickel that’s used to make springs that are corrosion resistant as well as provide high strength, ductility, and good fatigue life. Elgiloy is highly resistant to sulfide stress corrosion cracking and pitting, and can operate at temperatures up to 850°F.

Benefits and Applications

Oil and gas in a wellbore environment are one of the largest applications for Elgiloy springs because the alloy is highly resistant to corrosion cracking in chlorides. It is also used in aerospace applications where high strength and temperature resistance are required. Other applications include springs for medical and dental products.

An alternative material for Inconel X-750, if higher performance is required. Elgiloy will provide more strength in a small space than Inconel X-750 and MP35N. Learn the 6 key considerations for successful spring design by viewing our How to Design a Spring eBook.

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