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Spring Design Books & Reference Material

If you're looking for quality reference material to assist you in spring designs we highly recommend the following: 

  • Download our free eBook: How To Design A Spring (Download)

  • Mechanical Springs by A.M. Wahl - Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1963

  • Encyclopedia of Spring Design - by the Spring Manufacturers Institute Inc., 2000 (View Cover) SMI Logo

  • Fundamentals of Spring Design (View Cover)
    How to pick a Spring Design - Spring Materials, Residual Stress, Fatigue and Reliability

  • Compression, Extension, Garter and Torsion Springs (View Cover)

  • Other Types of Springs (View Cover)
    Retaining Rings, Belleville Spring Washers and Special Spring Washers, Power, Constant Force and Spiral Springs, Flat Springs, Volute Springs and Wire Forms, Hot Wound Springs

  • Testing and Tolerancing (View Cover)
    Guidelines for Spring Testing - Tolerancing Guidelines

  • Handbook of Spring Design - Spring Manufacturers Institute (View Cover)

  • SMI Spring Design Software - Spring Manufacturers Institute.