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Spring Design Assistance

Do you have an idea for a new spring design or an application that requires a spring designed to exact specifications? Spring Engineers of Houston is proud of offer comprehensive spring design services, helping you create the best spring for your needs. Our design tools, including Advanced Spring Design and SOLIDWORKS, can help you at any part of the design process. If you are starting from scratch, we can help you determine what dimensions and build requirements are best suited for your spring. If you have the design already created, Spring Engineers can help you refine it to perfection.

Advanced design suite, for extensive analysis of many different spring types.

Spring Design Analysis

Spring Design Assistance
Solidworks model of stainless steel stamping
carbon steel spring stamping
High carbon steel spring stamping, designed for high volume production in progressive dies. Solid model provided to tool & die provider
coil extension spring design
Modeled assembly of Large coil extension spring, with threaded plug inserts and eye bolts
automotive spring design
Solid Model of Double “Pigtail” automotive spring


Spring Engineers Advantage

Spring Engineers of Houston is committed to offering quality and timely spring and metal product manufacturing services. Services like our custom spring design assistance allow us to provide a comprehensive full-service experience for our customers. Spring Engineers’ experience and history of innovation guarantees serious and professional commitment all our customers. Contact us today to find out how Spring Engineers is the solution for you.