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Corrosion and Wear Prevention

Extend the Lifespan of your Custom Springs

There are many causes of spring wear and corrosion which can lead to failure if left untreated. There are many factors to take into consideration when designing a new spring, including the type of environment it will exist in and what types of stress it will be subjected. These factors will affect the types of materials and coatings that are appropriate for your spring.

Material Selection

Our wide selection of spring materials allows large amounts of versatility when finding a material right for your needs.  While Spring Engineers will offer more in-depth help for choosing the best material for your needs, here are some general recommendations to consider:

  • Stainless steel is an ideal material for mildly corrosive environments.
  • Nickel alloys, including Hastelloy and Inconels, are a great option for aggressive environments.
  • Inconel X750 is an ideal material for H2S service requiring good strength.
  • Nickel cobalt alloys, including Elgiloy and MP35N, are a great option for H2S and saltwater service requiring good strength.

Spring Coatings & Treatments

Spring Engineers offers a large selection of coating and treatments options for all springs we produce. These added processes will increase the durability and resilience of your spring, especially in harsh or stressful environments. During the design and pre-production process, we will recommend any coating or treatments options that may be right for you, including:

  • Passivating and electropolishing stainless steel springs
  • Electroplating
  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Powder coating
  • Advanced hybrid coatings
  • Carbide coating for high-wear areas
Bow spring made from Inconel X750 for H2S service. Carbide coated for wear prevention working in a well bore

Shot Peening

Shot peening is a process where the entire surface of the spring is bombarded by high quantities of rounded shots. The shot can be made from a variety of materials, including metallic, glass or ceramic particles. This process hardens the surface area of the spring as well as adding residual beneficial compressive stress inside the surface of the spring. Spring Engineers offers this service for a variety of springs, including:

Spring Engineers Advantage

Spring Engineers of Houston is committed to offering quality and timely spring and metal product manufacturing services. Services like our corrosion and wear prevention allow us to provide a comprehensive full-service experience for our customers. Spring Engineers’ experience and history of innovation guarantee the serious and professional commitment to all our customers.  Contact us today to find out how Spring Engineers is the solution for you.