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Spring Manufacturing Services

Full-Service Spring Manufacturing and Engineering

Spring Engineers of Houston is dedicated to providing a quality, full-service experience. We work with clients from the beginning of the design phase all the way through production and packaging. All work done by Spring Engineers is performed in-house allowing us to maintain a high standard of quality and expertise the entire time. We know that there are more to springs than meets the eye and that is why we offer additional premium services to create the best spring for your needs.

Spring Design Assistance

We offer cutting edge design assistance for many types of springs. Whether you have a design already made or want to start from scratch, our design services will help you find the right solution for your needs. Learn More

Corrosion & Wear Prevention

All the spring we make are built to last and perform at their best for their entire life cycle. Spring Engineers offers value-added services to extend the life and durability of all our products. Learn More

Failure Analysis & Prevention

Spring Engineers offers a comprehensive suite of failure analysis services including microscopic examination and x-ray analysis. We can help detect and prevent spring failure before it happens. Learn More

Spring Finishing Services

Spring Engineers of Houston knows that quality spring manufacturing does not end when the production run is complete. This is why we offer value-added services such as spring painting, color coding and specialized packaging services. Each order of springs can be customized with these services and Spring Engineers can help you determine which of our finishing services is right for you.

Quality Assurance

Spring Engineers is committed to producing and delivering a quality product that fulfills the unique needs of each customer. From design to production and invoicing, we are committed to excellence. Learn More