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Retaining Ring Manufacturer

As a retaining ring manufacturer, Spring Engineers produces many different industrial retaining rings, also called snap rings. We can analyze the application and suggest designs for ease of installation and satisfactory performance. If your application has unique characteristics, and you are looking for a retaining ring manufacturer to help you design a ring specifically for your product, we can help. Snap rings can be round, square, rectangular or specially shaped wire.

Choose Spring Engineers of Houston to be your snap ring manufacturer. Contact our experts today to learn how we can be your snap ring manufacturer of choice.

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Spring Houston offers a wide range of services besides manufacturing, such as custom spring design, spring corrosion and wear prevention assistance and spring failure analysis.

Additionally, we manufacture products with a wide range of different materials, like AISI 1095 Spring Steel, Music Wire, Chrome Silicon Spring Steel, Elgiloy, Inconel X750 and more. View our materials page to see a full list of options.