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Hastelloy Spring

Material Type: Hastelloy
Material Group: N/A

Hastelloy Springs Description:

Hastelloy spring material is a nickel-chrome-moly alloy with good corrosion resistance. Some grades add copper or tungsten for further enhancement of chemical resistance and pitting.

Available Hastelloy Springs Material Forms
Wire: Yes    Strip: Yes    Sheet/Plate: No

Hastelloy Springs Engineering Data

E Mpa 206,000 Min Size (in) 0.000
E psi 29,900,000 Max Size (in) 0.000
G Mpa 79,000 Min Size (mm) 0.000
G psi 700,000 Max Size (in) 0.000
Density g/cm3 8.640 Surface Min  
Density lb/in3 0.312 Max Temp °C 400
Conductivity 0 Max Temp °F 750

All materials specifications are provided for general reference purposes only.

Hastelloy Springs Application:

Hastelloy Springs Notes:

E Mpa Young's Modulus These factors can vary with cold work, heat treating and operational stress.
E psi
G Mpa Modulus of Rigidity
G psi
Conductivity % IACS
Surface Min Typical Surface Quality a Maximum defect depth: 0 to 0.5% of d or t
b Maximum defect depth: 1.0% of d or t
c Defect depth:less that 3.5% of d or t
Min Size Sizes commonly available for wire or strip Special sizes may be available at additional cost.
Max Size
Max Temp Maximum service temperature May vary due to operating stress