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The term "Spring Steel" encompasses a wide array of possibilities. Spring Engineers will help you in selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective spring material for your application. Our inventory of wire, tubing, strip and bar is extensive.

Don't limit your designs to round wire. We have square, flat, rectangular and specially shaped wire. Strip is available with normal mill edge as well as round edge, square edge, or slit & de-burred. Tempers are available from annealed to full hard. Standard raw material is bare wire but in-stock coatings include zinc, cad, tin, nickel, copper, galvanized and silver.

Spring Engineers has an extensive inventory of spring materials in stock or readily available. Some special alloys or wire diameters may be special order items with extended lead-times so contact us today for help in selecting the best spring material for your application.

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Hastelloy - Haynes International, Inc.
Haynes 25 - Haynes International, Inc.
Inconel - Special Metals Corporation
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MP35N - SPS Technologies
Nimonic - Special Metals Corporation
Nitronic - AK Steel
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