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Spring Manufacturing Services Dedicated to Improved Quality Standards

Spring Engineers of Houston is dedicated to providing the best quality and expert services from the beginning of the design process through to the end of production and packaging. We are proudly certified to the latest ISO standards and offer quality control analysis and testing services. Spring Engineers also offers a variety of certificates of compliance available upon request.

ISO 9001:2015
Spring Engineers received ISO certification in 1994. We have continually updated our Certification since that time, and have recently upgraded our Certification to ISO 9001:2015.
(View a copy of our ISO Certificate)

SPC Capabilities

If your order requires statistical analysis we're ready. With experience in automotive and aerospace we can provide the reporting that's appropriate for your order.

In-house Testing

Our inspection team has all the tools needed to fully test your spring properties. Whether it's dimensional or mechanical, we'll check every detail to assure design conformance. Load and rate, whether it's compression, extension or torsion, with capabilities from fractions of an ounce to 3 tons Spring Engineers can certify your order.

Certificates of Compliance

Spring Engineers provides certificates of compliance with material traceability on every order at no extra charge.

Mill Certification

Mill certifications can accompany your certificates of compliance if requested at no additional charge.

Third Party Verification

At customer request we will provide third party verification of our mill certifications.

Spring Engineers Advantage

Spring Engineers of Houston is committed to offering quality and timely spring and metal product manufacturing services. Our high standards of quality control and customer satisfaction allow us to provide a comprehensive full-service experience for our customers. Spring Engineers’ experience and history of innovation guarantees serious and professional commitment all our customers.  Contact us today to find out how Spring Engineers is the solution for you.