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Spring Engineers of Houston Status, after Hurricane Harvey

Our Team at Spring Engineers of Houston were fortunate in this unprecedented storm. Some property loss occurred, but there were no injuries, nor flooded homes. Our facility suffered no storm or water damage, nor loss of utility services. The facility was closed Friday 8/25 and Monday 8/28, and began a partial shift Tuesday, 8/29. We are in full operation and fully staffed at this time, and we are working to relieve the backlog.

We caution that logistics services have been impacted, and it will be several days before deliveries and shipments will be back to normal. For local customers, if a delivery of product is urgent, we may be able to use our company vehicles.

The local rainfall totals for this storm ranged from 36" to over 50", and it is considered an "800 year flood".  Coastal communities, near the storm's landfall 200 miles away suffered devastating wind damage and flooding. There are tens of thousands throughout Texas who are much more impacted than ourselves, and will be impacted for months to come. We encourage donations to appropriate disaster relief organizations, as Texas strives to recover and rebuild.

Patrick Barr

Division President

Spring Engineers of Houston