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Oil Tempered (OTMB) Spring

Material Type: Oil Tempered
Material Group: Carbon Steel Wire

Oil Tempered Springs Description:

At Spring Engineers of Houston, quality is the priority. Therefore, our oil tempered springs are cold drawn and heat treated before fabrication. We use general-purpose spring wire that good shock, and impact resistance, as well and good fatigue properties. Oil tempered springs are easy to bend without sacrificing any strength or durability. They are also a cost-effective, high-value spring solution.

Available Oil Tempered Springs Material Forms
Wire: Yes    Strip: No    Sheet/Plate: No

Engineering Data

E Mpa 207,000 Min Size (in) 0.020
E psi 30,000,000 Max Size (in) 0.625
G Mpa 79,000 Min Size (mm) 0.500
G psi 11,500,000 Max Size (in) 16.000
Density g/cm3 7.860 Surface Min c
Density lb/in3 0.284 Max Temp °C 150
Conductivity 7 Max Temp °F 300

All materials specifications are provided for general reference purposes only.

Oil Tempered Springs Application:

Oil Tempered Springs Notes:

E Mpa Young's Modulus These factors can vary with cold work, heat treating and operational stress.
E psi
G Mpa Modulus of Rigidity
G psi
Conductivity % IACS
Surface Min Typical Surface Quality a Maximum defect depth: 0 to 0.5% of d or t
b Maximum defect depth: 1.0% of d or t
c Defect depth:less that 3.5% of d or t
Min Size Sizes commonly available for wire or strip Special sizes may be available at additional cost.
Max Size
Max Temp Maximum service temperature May vary due to operating stress